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Yes I know it is really early, but Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and a happy *Insert Holiday Here* those of you who celebrate one of the many other holidays that are celebrated at this time of year.

Sorry for not really being around much the past weeks/months.  I sorta hit a wall when it came to drawing and have not really be able to get around it.  Plus things like cider season came up and now I'm dealing with getting ready to move across the country to go back to school.  But through all that, I just don't have the same drive to draw as I used to a few years ago.  It is hard to explain and I am not really sure what it is that holds me back anymore.  Whatever the reason, I really am going to be putting time back into drawing again, especially in the new year.  I'm hoping to get a holiday drawing done for you folks who have for the most part been putting up with my lack of anything lately.  Hadn't planned on one at first, but then realized a drawing I had sitting on my computer could actually be turned into a holiday one fairly easily.  So look for that in the coming weeks. 

I have a few friends who have asked me to draw things for them as well.  Two want drawings of their characters from The Old Republic while the other wants something done for their youtube page.  That last one is still up in the air on what it will actually be.  I started one of the character ones, finding a good reference pose and did a quick sketch, but haven't done anything since then.

After Christmas I will be really busy with that move I mentioned.  I'm really hoping the complete change of scene helps recharge me and I will be able to get back into drawing more.  I am going to try to that is for sure.  Don't want the cintq to go to waste.

Well I think I babbled on enough and should get back to work.  Things to do and all that.  Merry Christmas and Happy various other Holidays again!  See you in the new year, maybe earlier!
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"Nearly hidden amongst the more popular night clubs of the area, the Traveler's Rest should be on everyone's list of places to visit at least once during their stay in Parallexus." (review of the Taveler's Rest)

The Traveler's Rest is a bar/tavern owned and run by my OC Allison Marie Rosewood.  For this contest I want you artists to draw the place.  It can be of the interior, exterior, or both.  There will be a description of the building as written by me which also gives an idea of usual happenings and will gladly answer any questions asked about it.  The answers will put publicly so all can see.

Seeing as this contest is more focusing on the scene, Allison does not need to be included in the drawing.  In fact, there does not need to be any characters in the drawing if you do not want to.  


  • Grand Prize*
    • Copy of Photshop CS6 Student/Teacher edition
    • $100 (US Dollars)
  • First Place
    • $100
    • One year DA membership
    • 500 DA points
  • Second Place
    • $50
    • 6 month DA membership
    • 250 DA points
  • Third Place
    • $25
    • 3 month DA membership
    • 100 DA points

More prizes may be added as contest progresses. 
*The grand prize winner shall be chosen from those who have entered both this contest and the previous contest.


- Drawings can be either Digital or Traditional, no photo-manipulations please.
- Drawing must be of The Traveler's Rest
- Entries must be original artwork.  No copying/tracing/bases.
- Contestants are allowed two entries.
- Finished entries are to be sent to me via a note.
- Entries must be completed and sent to me by contest deadline.  No late entries will be accepted.
- Minimum of 12 contestants needed for contest to be held.


All judging will be done by me, except for the grand prize.  The grand prize will be chosen by other judges who will be named later.


Contest will be opened from now until December 20th, 2014, 11:59pm EST.

Additional Comments

Link to entries will be made available when entries have been submitted.  I want everyone to have fun with this contest, enjoy what you are doing and just do your best.  Do not hesitate to ask me any questions you might have.  Good luck to all those who enter and I really look forward to seeing what you come up with.  

The Traveler's Rest

    In the Eastern Sector of Paralnexus, on Selinas Road, nestled amongst the shops and businesses, is a small, stone building. Though simple in design it stands out from the rest for its simplicity and old fashion look. The building's name can be found on a carved wooden sign that hangs out over the door; The Traveler's Rest. Many pass by without giving the place any much thought for it is rarely lit during the day. Any curious passerby might catch a glimpse of patron who stayed the night leaving out the front door if they are lucky.

    As the evening begins to settle on the megatropolis a dim glow begins to poke out of the windows and smoke beings to rise out of the stone chimney. The scent of roasting meats begins to draw a small crowd outside the building, many beings stealing a glance inside to see what the delicious aroma is exactly. They would see a large fire pit in the middle of an open room, raised up from the polished hardwood floor with stone keeping the fires contained. Several different exotic animals would be roasting over the pit, slowly turning as to cook evenly. The rest of the room has tables and chairs scattered about, not exactly placed for maximum seating, with a candle set on each table. A few booth are on left wall. In the back sits a large fireplace, though the fire would not be lit quite yet, and on the right a bar with stool seating. The shelves behind the bar are filled with a variety of different liquors and alcohols.

    Anyone looking in would more than likely catch sight of the establishment's owner and only employee, a shy young woman with large rabbit ears. Her outfits are usually simple and modest with a few exceptions for special occasions. She bustles about making sure everything is cleaned and polished as well as all the food that maybe cooked is prepped and ready. The last thing she does before opening is lite the fire in main fireplace.

    As the central bell tolls seven the door to The Traveler's Rest is unlocked. Those who had been attracted by the aroma of the cooking meats often take seats near the fire pit in hopes of getting the best cuts. As the crowd settles in, the only worker rushes around filling their tankards and getting them drinks. She moves gracefully about and rarely forgets an order all while constantly keeping an eye on the roasting meats. This first rush is oddly enough those who have never been the place before. The regulars begin wandering about an hour after opening, taking their time to say hi to the owner and ask if she needs any help, which she will always deny. A few often ignore her and help out a little anyway before finding a seat.

    As the night wears on, the roasted meats are carved up and served. The newcomers quickly find out that there is no good cut for every piece of meat off the animals is as good as the others. The vegetables are also cooked to near perfection. Many newcomers leave after enjoying a meal quickly leaving only the regulars and a few soon to be regulars left. These regulars begin to regale the young owner with tales from their own adventures through out the omniverse often getting a quick kiss on the cheek or a free drink in return.

    It is often quite late before the owner begins to clean things up and tries to shoo the reaming patrons out. Many stay to help out much to her protest. A few barter for a room for the remainder of the night. Once all the dishes are washed, the kitchen cleaned, and fires extinguished, the last patrons file out and the owner locks the door behind them. She goes around and blows out all the candles before heading to door in the back. Opening it she returns to her world and the life she lives in there.



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm your run of the mill nerd-artist. I love video games, anime/cartoons, fantasy/scifi movies, and get very jealous of those who can draw better of me and wish I instantly had their skill.

In the summer of 2009 while working as a groundskeeper at a cemetery I came up with the idea for a webcomic. This idea eventually led me to download a "how to draw Manga" book and see what I could do. I never actually read the book, just took tips here and there from it and in late 2009 I came up with my first drawings. A year later I dropped the comic idea didn't like keeping myself to deadlines and really wanted to just focus on improving and began just trying to get better at drawing. I then came up with my current batch of OCs who make up pretty much all my drawings.

I've never taken a class or any lessons on drawing. All I've learned has come from reading through different books own 5 now, talking to artist who have been inspirations to me to get tips and tricks, and a whole lot of trial and error.

I'd love to hear your feedback on my work. Though try not to be too harsh...

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